GatherYourTortoises #10 – These comics can’t get worse can they?

GatherYourTortoises #10 – These comics can’t get worse can they?

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Comics are hard and I am lazy. Maybe next time you will choose Duck #2, if I can be bothered drawing that.

  1. Stirling Brown-Sweeting says:

    I am very much considering using that Lee with the Duck as my new avatar.

  2. Feel says:

    spot on

  3. Anonymous says:

    I take this as you hate the Walking Dead games?

    • Marcus Puckett says:

      The comic doesn’t necessarily mean that, though I can’t speak for Jake. I make fun of things that I love all the time. Like video games, for instance.

    • Jake Trowell says:

      Nah, I really liked The Walking Dead games, Marcus had it right.

    • Michael Talley says:

      I was talking to him on Steam while he was playing. The end of episode 4 was a wonderful moment of schadenfreude.

  4. I'm on your side says:

    Your messing with the wrooooooooooooooooooooooong duck now, boy.

  5. Victor says:

    Spoiler, Duck dies in Episode 3!

  6. derek says:

    gather your tortoises is back awww yeah

  7. Michael Sicely says:

    This made me laugh hard.

  8. moela says:

    I laughed but the tragic thing is, Duck #2 will screw you over no matter your choices and Duck #1 will end the way he’ll end regardless of the player too.

  9. jvempire says:

    havent even played the walking dead game yet and this is funny. it sums up choices in a lot of adventure games and RPGs.

  10. Wahaha says:

    … Which crappy indie flash game did you take this scene from again? (minus the ducks)

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