GYP Newsflash: Special Edition: The War on The War Z

GYP Newsflash: Special Edition: The War on The War Z


On this special edition of GYP Newsflash, we take a deeper look into the controversy surrounding the recent de-release of The War Z by Hammerpoint Interactive. In other news, CNN attempts to draw a connection between Starcraft and the Sandy Hook shootings, the U.S. Senate wishes to launch an investigation into the effects of violent video games, and a shipment of Wii Us are stolen in what appears to be an inside job.

  1. Hamburgerler says:

    How come Cameron is never on the GYP Podcasts?

  2. Dylan says:

    Can you provide a download link?

  3. MG says:

    Hm, player seems to freeze and refuse to play after a certain point and the podcast somehow skips back to the start at around 4 minutes. Is anyone else experiencing the same problems?

  4. RevDoktorV says:

    Now I feel stupid because I was reading forum stuff about the War Z beta and it looked pretty neat, I suppose I came in just after they allegedly scrubbed the forums of criticism and complaints. I did have some suspicion about it – something about the way the features list was phrased screamed “paid beta” at me but I was half asleep at the time and I don’t remember exactly what it was.

    Good thing the only merchant I allow myself to purchase things from while half asleep is GOG.

  5. RevDoktorV says:

    Also, Starcraft was part of the Air Force command school curriculum for a while. So clearly every Air Force command cadet is a homicidal maniac in potentia.

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