Interview: Real Players Grind, Developer of Lore

Interview: Real Players Grind, Developer of Lore

HEDY LAMARR was a actresses in the 1930′s she came up with guided torpedoes for world war 2 she called and called the US army, government but no one listened because she was beauty and she was a actresses. My point is no one can understand vision if it was the 1930′s are 1492 would kickstarter be a place to support like Hedy Lamarr and Christopher Columbus.

Videogame Kickstarter projects are known for being quirky and ambitious, But the upcoming studio Real Players Grind, founded by visionary creative George Givens takes things to a whole new level.

On his Kickstarter profile, he writes ‘My name is George Givens im 28 a gamer sense i was 3 my first game was mario of course the game that got me hooked was tigerhelly.‘ … ‘i love games that are out the box and i wont to brag that back to gamers fun and deep games and that’s what she said lol i’m not a robot like these big company’s i like to joke and have fun yall support ill talk joke laugh with you guys and ill answer the questions about the games i wont hit you all with them PR lines like that’s all we right talking about that the time.

Currently in production, Lore is an ambitious action RPG with its roots in Greek and Egyptian mythology, set in a rich fantasy world. It is slated to combine elements from Minecraft, Dark Souls and Diablo 2.

We recently tracked down George for an exclusive interview, and he gave us a never-before-seen look into the ideas that drive Lore‘s continuing development.

Q: Where did the inspiration for Lore come from?
A: the ideal came from watching a guy i like on youtube here is his link he love dark souls as much as i do. He does videos on the Lore in dark souls from items in the game and from talking to npc one day a about after seeing one of his video it made me think of all the real life Lore we already have if someone took the time they could make a amazing video game that’s fun and teaches you the beliefs of other culture. Not a button masher but a deep game with story’s from real life i myself think this would be a great ideal.

Q: What is the Manandtaur? Why does he have a little screaming face coming out of the top of his head?
A: i loved the old movies i read alot of books based on greek Lore like the minotaur and the labyrinth and how the king’s son was made into the Minotaur by the gods. My ideal is that he’s a trapped soul and he is fully aware in the game you can save him are kill him based on you actions in combat. There will be alot of ways to save are kill monsters

Concept art for the manotaur

Concept art for The Manandtaur, one of Lore’s antagonists.

Fun fact: the Minotaur is a Greek mythological creature with the body of a man, but the head of a bull. Its name comes from greek phrase meaning ‘Bull of Minos’. If the Manandtaur is a cross between a man and a Minotaur, then it would be like a mixed-race baby (which are fashionable), only with bulls. Also, someone would have had to have had sex with a Minotaur.


Q: Can you tell us anything about the story in Lore?
A: Lore is a game based on the greek gods vikings gods and everything in between you fight with the 300 you go to Hades and Vielha just to name a few places. I love dayz the danger in that game you can be killed at anytime if you not careful these are one of the thing’s im trying to put in Lore you may need some help killing a boss. You run into some guy after you just got killed by the boss you don’t know him but you need the help so you party with him to kill the boss. Now because you party with him if he is a bad in game person he can kill you and take all your things you just got from killing the boss. I feel like this will give the player’s risk for there action’s and make them more aware. I can sit here and talk about this for hours on just this but i think it time to move on to the next topic

Q: What software are you using to build Lore?
A: im using maya 2013 and unity 3d 4.0 and photoshop because they make work flow very ease for me they let me get alot done being only one person.

Actual in-game screenshot

Actual in-game screenshot

Q: Are you making Lore on your own right now? Who will you hire if the Kickstarter reaches its goal?
A: Yes im making Lore on my on right now i have 2 other people that help when they can but its meanly me. I can’t ask people to stop there life’s to make a game and there not getting paid into the project is funded so i doing it alone into it does get funded. In savannah Georgia we have one of the best art school’s in the US my plan is to use some of the College student who are last your and i have one of the teacher’s willing to help also. Because i know student’s get Maya for free this haves alot of money because we don’t have to buy maya which its 4000 dollars. Everyone but me how every will have to get unity with is about 15’000 for every one.
I choose to use Student’s because they have not put limitations on there self’s so they willing to push harder to make something work. The teacher who is willing to work is for every one because he has 20 years of programming rigging and animating under his belt. What we lack he makes up for.

Q: Do you think that the idea of Lore is a bit ambitious for a first game?
A: I’m not saying it going to be easy but its can be done with unity 3D

Grimmy the Gremlin, your sidekick. He has his own facebook page.

Grimmy the Gremlin, your sidekick. He has his own facebook page.

Q: If Chris Columbus was alive to make games today, would he be making Lore?
A: If Columbus was alive i feel with his passion if you believed he could do it nothing could stop him people told him and told him he was going to die if he set sail.
Noah made a ark people try to kill him and his family because they didn’t understand and out of fear. I by no mean’s feel i’m Noah are Columbus i’m a gamer who love video games and hate what they because so i’m trying to make a different’s and show people you dont need millions to make a great game are that you have to make a 2D games.

Q: What do you have to say to critics of your game?
A: i don’t have much to say i know people some people online have a narrow view and no matter what i say are show them they away’ going to find a problem

For the other people i’ll like to say i’m sorry for the typo English is not a subject i’m great at.

Thanks for your time, George, and good luck!

Lore is available on Kickstarter right now. Backing will get you detailed updates on the game’s development, including art, models and demos, plus a heavy discount on the final game when it’s released. Real Players Grind is looking for $150,000 to finish the game.There’s only 99999 of the $600 tier rewards left, so order soon!

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