Video Game Despair: Feminism

Video Game Despair: Feminism

  1. Chris Poole says:

    >tfw no feminist gf

  2. fgsdfs says:

    The first three panels are superfluous.

  3. I really do not like that dog character. You cannot convey emotions on a face like that.

  4. Somewanwan says:

    Why is the dog so angry?
    Why are they always wearing gloves?
    Were their paws removed to add robotic fingers and thumbs to allow them to manipulate objects meant for humans?

    • EXIE says:

      You’re reading too much into it.

    • serpen1 says:

      His angry expression while talking calmly represents the true face that the media tries to hide,
      The gloves represent the sterilization the Government enacts on the population.
      The robotic hands represent the cold, unfeeling, machinelike apathy that modern culture develops the common man to become.

  5. Spokker says:

    The feminist thing isn’t getting out of hand. Far Cry 3 is still racist and sexist and all those good things and it’s 2012. They cry a lot about it, but they are not winning by any stretch of the imagination.

    A lot of games are produced overseas and they don’t have the white/male-guilt hangups that the US has. No matter what sorry statistics the ESA puts out, core games are still a male-dominated medium and it will stay that way for a while.

    • The way Japan handles the subject is just amazing. Japanese developers get accused of sexism and they just smile, nod and joke about how foreigners don’t understand them. Utterly shuts the accusers down.

      I mean, Japan is a pretty messed up country in all sorts of ways, but at least they don’t let a bunch of whiners who have barely touched games dictate what they can and can’t make.

  6. Evilagram says:

    Read this, especially the part on challenging yourself please.

    • Evilagram says:

      The first three panels are nearly identical and are the whole “2 gamers on a couch” thing.

      Remember that one comic on feminism in gaming and two people discussing it while being represented by game characters as a visual metaphor for this discussion going on over the course of them playing a large number of games? It had a cruddy premise, but it was a really well drawn comic.

  7. DrQuint says:

    Cat guy is my waifu

  8. Guy says:

    Other than that
    Pretty good comic

  9. Jay F says:


  10. RevDoktorV says:

    I’m not completely sure what we’re arguing about, but if it is what I think it is then I’m torn between the impulse for fairness and the desire to uphold rights to expression. Bad taste is protected speech – If you don’t like it, don’t buy the products, and suggest to your friends that they don’t buy them. You can even suggest to the creators that they don’t do that sort of thing. However, trying to intimidate someone into being upright still makes you a tyrant, especially considering that “uprightness” and “good taste” are so subjective.

    I probably shouldn’t write these things when I’m this sleepy.

  11. anonymous says:

    what an incredibly naive perspective

  12. derek says:

    i miss video game despair

  13. Anonymous says:

    Makes sense, I knew some guys like that.
    Too eager to please the opposite sex even the bad apples, no confidence in themselves to say no even to illogical demands, no true passion for their fans to give them what they want.
    This is the state of some sad western developers.

  14. DPJ says:

    First comic to make me laugh out loud in awhile.

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