Video Game Despair: SMASH-IT STEVE

Video Game Despair: SMASH-IT STEVE

  1. Kyle Johnson says:

    Oh man, what a horrible though of this being the next step for film trying its hardest to stay alive. Extra endings, extra scenes, maybe even voting on dialogue wheels so the audience chooses what happens. Please no.

    • The Nihilistic Idealist says:

      There was a short film similar to what you’ve described. In 1995, there was a movie called “Mr. Payback: An Interactive Movie” where an android terrorizes people who deserved it. The various outcomes of the humiliations was voted on by the audience via joystick. The film was not only a bomb at the boxoffice, it was critically panned all across the board. Primarily for its premise, as by Roger Ebert “we don’t want to interactive with the movie, we want it to act on us. That’s why we go to the movies, so we can lose ourselves into the experience.”

      Yeah, yeah, I’m aware of Roger Ebert’s views on video games. But you have to agree with him when it comes to how movies act around you, and not the other way around. Let’s cross our fingers who big Hollywood hotshot adopts this idea in the near future.

  2. Somewanwan says:

    Where can I preorder those gloves?

  3. Lamer Gamer says:


  4. Keggerz says:

    It’s already happening with 3D and “Director’s Cuts”

    • Yalyn V. says:

      You got it. Yep.

    • The Nihilistic Idealist says:

      Director’s Cut are usually made when the director felt that his/her vision was impeded by changes made by the studio. Case in point, Ridley Scott’s Blade Runner and Kingdom of Heaven. Director’s Cut are usually superior than the original, theatrical versions.

  5. DrQuint says:

    Last panel seems awfully unecessary

    • Video Game says:

      It’s the punchline. You might see it sometimes in comics.

      • anon says:

        I agree with him, the last panel would be better off omitted. Just seems wholly uneccessary; the point is pretty clearly inferred prior to it.

  6. Dio Brando says:

    The sad thing is, This may be how every form of entertainment will turn out in the near future.
    Imagine wanting to buy a album and it comes with a exclusive track if you buy it off amazon, with a different album coverart if you buy it from ETC

    We are witnessing the downfall of the entertainment industry.
    We could have stopped this.

    • Marcus Puckett says:

      What do you mean imagine exclusive tracks on albums for different retailers? That shit already happens. Sometimes albums have songs on them that you can only get if you buy the whole album as well.

      I hate iTunes.

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