Video Game Despair: Typical DLC Joke

Video Game Despair: Typical DLC Joke

  1. Tce says:

    Eh, DLC is fine when it’s done right.

    Call of Duty DLC is unforgivable, they don’t let the community to make maps and release their own maps for money.

    Day 1 DLC/on disc is unforgivable, it’s plain milking money.

    Borderland 2 has 4 planned DLCs, they’re content expansion packs, I guess it’s kind of fair, but only if they will actually expand the content and it will be fun, unlike the Moxxi DLC they had for Borderlands 1 which brought nothing to the game but a stupid side mode that gave you nothing. At least you can buy a 30$ pass for all 4 DLCs instead of paying 10$ for each one, but come on, who are we kidding here, with steam sales those DLCs will end up being cheaper than that 30$ pass.

    • Dimitri says:

      an exceptionable DLC is an expansion pack. in most games typical content can be added by the community for free, which makes it useless to try to sell the same stuff.

  2. Anon says:

    so edgy xD

  3. Feel says:

    “Day 1 DLC/on disc is unforgivable, it’s plain milking money.

    Borderland 2 has 4 planned DLCs, they’re content expansion packs, I guess it’s kind of fair”

    So its unforgivable unless its called Borderland ?
    Its not because they are called “expansion packs” that they are anyless DLCs, which only purpose is , like you said, milk money.

    They are just holding the content, so that they can sell it later.

    • ToasterCommander says:

      @Feel: It’s an unfortunate fact of the industry that DLC is planned beforehand, often before the game proper has launched. Here, they have two options: 1 is to keep coming up with ideas, and keep adding them to the game, and then extend the game’s development time to put all these ideas in, potentially creating a real clusterfuck of a development. Or, they can take those ideas from mid-development, finish the game as initially intended, and then create the other new ideas for later, selling it as DLC expansions. While I’d certainly appreciate having all that content right there, it’s just not how it’s gonna work since they have deadlines and budgets that they have to work with. For Borderlands, I only hope that the content is worth the price, unlike the map packs for most shooters. Content cut for DLC is a shady practice, but it’s difficult to make the distinction between what is an honest expansion and what was cut for milking the consumer (Typically, I just avoid Day 1 DLC, seeing as that’s the biggest red flag I can imagine). Really, the only thing you can do is look honestly at the content and decide for yourself what is worth the price.

  4. Omegasmash says:

    The Borderland 2 DLC is being made after the game has gone gold as in already done. Same deal as with the Fire Emblem Awakening and NSMB 2 DLC. They were announced early, but they don’t start developing it until after the main game is done.

  5. Loz says:

    “DLC” used to be called an expansion pack, wtf happened?

  6. Salty says:

    They became downloadable.

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