The Existential Horror #6

The Existential Horror #6

  1. Dushanan says:

    …So the badges really aren’t giving out free games?

  2. Anon says:

    Dota is bad and you should feel bad.

  3. JC Durton says:

    Stop reminding me to play Ys damn it

  4. moela says:

    In my experience panel 6 is followed by panel 4

  5. Nathan says:

    dat SFxT on the shelf..

  6. Alexandru Crudu says:

    Ha-ha! I don’t even own DOTA2. Since the sale I’ve finished Bionic Commando, Eufloria and I’m currently working my way through the Red Orchestra 2 campaign and enjoying the multiplayer quite a bit. Yes, I know
    >red orchestra
    >single player
    And I’ve just started playing Bastion.
    Boy, I sure do love me some video games!

    • Lawrence Davis says:

      we both know that video games suck

      • Kyron Kiranov says:

        I know right? Can you believe people actually play them? And that there are sites just for those nerds to talk about them?

        Love the art and I have to agree. Dota is bad and hasn’t evolved much beyond the original Dota. Play Lol if you enjoy Mobas.

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