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5 Great Horror Games With Bad Graphics

5 Great Horror Games With Bad Graphics

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  1. MysteriousPants says:

    The video wasn’t too spooky, but the credits song man…

    Great video by the way!

  2. Baudelaire says:

    This arcticle was 3spooky5me.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I really love Irisu Syndrome myself. I was surprised to see it mentioned at all. good on ya.

  4. Evilagram says:

    Contianment Breach

  5. JC Durton says:

    Nice video!

    The Music was 2spooky

    One minor criticism, some of the jokes felt a little forced. Maybe not because of the joke, but because of the delivery. Only saying this because criticism was asked for.
    But overall it was a very good video. I might even try out Ib now.

  6. Atlas says:


  7. moela says:

    Okay I am playing irisu syndrome

    Dear god what have you DONE

  8. Melancias says:

    Video Games is the theme of this video.

  9. Shaun says:

    Best video on the site so far.

  10. Nick Michal says:

    Good stuff! The only suggestion I would have would be to work on the sound levels at times. When you’d go to a new game, you’l let the game play for a little with some music, but then when you started talking you didn’t lower the music, which made the mix a bit too loud in my opinion. But besides that, a cool idea, and I liked how deadpan and nonchalant the humor was.

  11. Rick says:

    I liked the long pause before your commentary began for each game, that gave the title room to breath and the viewer time to get comfortable with feeling uncomfortable. Very good.

    I wasn’t aware of many of these actually, and the spoiler-free analysis was very welcome. Keep with the solid commentary and you’ll go far.

  12. FrozenIndustry says:

    Nice video, excellent work. I’m not a horror game enthusiast myself, but several of these titles have gotten me interested./

    My only suggestion for future videos is to maybe work on your oration a bit, some of the delivery seemed a bit awkward, like you were uncomfortable saying it. But the pauses between games was a nice touch, gave the viewer some time to get a taste of the games themselves.

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