Graphic Output – Epic Journalism FTW

Graphic Output – Epic Journalism FTW


Sorry for the delay on this Graphic Output. I found myself busier than usual with E3. Read Less Video-Gamey first for best results.

  1. Gekodo says:

    I still can’t believe they gave her an ingame 3D character, while they gave Tali a photoshopped gettyimages picture. Game development has drastically changed over the years.

  2. Adam Gulledge says:

    Funny story on this. The good folks at Cinema Blend a while back were running this story on IGN’s Reddit ban, and one of the responders claimed to be an IGN spokesperson.

    I left a comment on the article regarding Chobot and the conflict of interest of her being in the game since she’s known best from IGN. (My username was AgentBJ09.)

    Guess what he said in response? – “Chobot is not a full-time IGN employee — she’s an on-camera host, actress and voice talent who appears in videos on IGN as well as on G4 and in other web series. She also never writes about or critiques products for IGN, so we don’t see her role in Mass Effect 3 as a conflict.”

    In short, just because she’s been hosted elsewhere, and isn’t a full-time employee, IGN’s conflict of interest with regard to reviewing the game was non-existent in this guys’ eyes. That’s bullcrap if ever I heard it.

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