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This week: Site introduction, Far Cry 3, EA damage control, Diablo 3, Path of Exile, Firefall, and free to play gaming.

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  1. Mikedot says:

    I’ve been on the fence regarding FireFall. I played a bit of it during the Friends & Family beta test and combat felt pretty average on both PvE and PvP. I do like the idea of “Staged Content” where new areas will open up depending on how well the players can defeat/fend off a swarm of enemies, but I feel there needs to be more substance to it.

    I’m a huge supporter of F2P gaming market, but in the West, publishers still have a lot to learn on how to do it right. The whole concept of F2P gaming came from South Korea, but the “Pay-to-Win” stigma that comes with free-to-play gaming today came from the west.

    They were able to set up such good environment for online games 15 years ago, only offering vanity and convenience items as part of their cash shops. Why can’t more publishers/developers in the west do the same thing? If your game is good, people will be into the cash shop with no problem. Just look at TF2: It went free-to-play and they made a shit ton of money just on selling hats alone. I hope more companies learn this lesson so F2P gaming won’t be seen as such a greedy form of monetization.

    Looking forward to more thoughts on the F2P market.

  2. This has to be the most thoughtful discussion I have been around for the EA, Bioware, Mass Effect and well all those other dramas. Professional set up and polish. Really nicely done with on this, excited for the next podcast.

  3. Cameron says:

    Christ. I almost fell asleep for the majority of this podcast.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Do you have an itinerary for these podcasts, or do you plan to keep it to strict open discussion?

    I noticed there was a number of times the discussion had to be “moved on.” May I suggest that before the podcast you try to come to a consensus of topics you’d like to discuss, then have an open talk at the end?

    Overall I’m impressed with the spirit behind what you folks are trying to do, but depending on what you plan to accomplish with these podcasts, you might need a smidge more structure.

  5. Kyle Johnson says:

    @ Anonymous
    We do plan ahead the topics that we are going to discuss, we just don’t have a set amount of time to discuss any of them, we just move on when we feel we’ve exhausted the talking point (basically when it starts to steer off-topic). Also this was the first podcast we did, and so it was a learning experience for us to see how we wanted it to be done in the first place. Things might change as time goes on.

    We have two more podcasts coming up that will be posted soon because we built a bit of a backlog of them before the site was actually launched, and once those are posted the podcasts will be up to speed with the current week.

    And on a personal note, I was rather silent and awkward for a while because I work better with scripted things than a live chat. I’m pretty introverted, but doing something like this requires you to be more extroverted. It’s all about finding a comfort zone and getting into the flow of things.

  6. Vince7403 says:

    I disagree with a few of your conclusions, but I respect your reasoning and will continue to listen to any future podcasts you produce. I think I should point out though that there is another factor holding all-digital distribution for games back: bandwidth limitation. I’m already running into difficulty downloading high-tier games through Steam because I’m in a rural area and broadband here is weak compared to a major urban zone. Force Unleashed was a nightmare at 25GB, but it’s that size because of incredibly sloppy programming on the developers’ part, not huge content.

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